CAN4VSCP Level I Driver

Available for: Windows, Linux

Driver for Windows vscpl1_can4vscpdrv.dll (install-dir/drivers)

Driver for Linux (/usr/local/lib/ When using the drive on Linux remember to set rw permissions for the user that the VSCP daemon and VSCP works run under (chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0 for example).

This is a driver for the low cost Frankfurt RS-232 module that us the VSCP serial protocol. The Frankfurt RS-232 module is described here where there also is a description of how to use it with VSCP Works and the VSCP daemon.

As the VSCP serial protocol is very generic this may also be the driver to use for your own hardware that have a serial port available.

Parameter String



The first parameter is the serial port to use (COM1, COM2 and so on).



The first parameter is the device to use (// /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1 or /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1 etc // ) etc.


This is an optional baudrate code. If not given the dafault 115200 will be used. The following settings are available

Baudrate Code Error Windows Linux
115200 0 -1.36% yes yes
128000 1 -2.34% yes no
230400 2 -1.36% no yes
256000 3 -2.34% yes no
460800 4 8.51% no no
500000 5 0% yes yes
625000 6 0% bad no
921600 7 -9.58% no bad
1000000 8 16.67% no bad
9600 9 0.16% yes yes
19200 10 0,16% yes yes
38400 11 0,16% yes yes
57600 12 0.94% yes yes

Tests on Windows and Linux has been done on a Windows 10 machine and on a Ubuntu machine with the USB serial adapter that ship with Frankfurt RS-232.

Typical settings for VSCP daemon config

    <driver enable="true" >


Bits Usage
Bit 0,1 Open Mode
0 - normal
1 - Listen mode
2 - Loopback mode
3 - Reserved
Bit 2 If set the driver will not switch to VSCP mode. That is it must be in VSCP mode. Open will be faster.
Bit 3 If set the driver will wait for an ACK from the physical device for every sent frame. This will slow down sending but make transmission it very secure.
Bit 4 Enable timestamp. The timestamp will be written by the hardware instead of the driver.
Bit 5 Enable hardware handshake.
Bit 6-31 Reserved.

Status return

The CanalGetStatus call returns the status structure with the channel_status member having the following meaning:

Bit Description
Bit 0-7 TX Error Counter.
Bit 8-15 RX Error Counter.
Bit 16 Overflow. Cleard by status read.
Bit 17 RX Warning.
Bit 18 TX Warning.
Bit 19 TX bus passive.
Bit 20 RX bus passive.
Bit 21 Reserved.
Bit 22 Reserved.
Bit 23 Reserved.
Bit 24 Reserved.
Bit 25 Reserved.
Bit 26 Reserved.
Bit 27 Reserved.
Bit 28 Reserved.
Bit 29 Bus Passive.
Bit 30 Bus Warning status.
Bit 31 Bus off status.

Serial Protocol

You can find the description of the VSCP serial protocol in the VSCP specification.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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This document is licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0 and can be freely copied, redistributed, remixed, transformed, built upon as long as you give credits to the author.

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