VSCP Daemon Level I Drivers

This is just a .dll (Windows) or a .so (Linux) file with the CANAL interface exported. The interface is described here. Several Level I driver comes with the VSCP & Friends package.

The good thing with the Level I interface is that you can add the .dll or .so as a driver to VSCP daemon or use the dll/do directly from your own application such and in VSCP Works.

The drivers are configured in the vscpd.conf file (format is here). If you use more then one driver with different configuration it is very important that the prefix is set to different values for each of them. The prefix is prepended to a variable name before it is fetched from the daemon or set for that matter.

To make a Level I driver just create a dynamically linked library that export the CANAL interface. There are plenty of examples to use as a starting point for creating your own driver in the source tree for the VSCP & Friends package at GitHub. Look in src/vscp/drivers/level1 folder.

For Python developers python-can is a good tool. Unfortunately the CANAL interface is named USB2CAN but it is there.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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