High end server/service probe

CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=27, High end server/service probe can be sent on a segment to discover available VSCP services on that segment. The response from a node that have a VSCP server/service is CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=28, High end server/service response and for a Level II node High end server/service capabilities.

Note that a probe can result in none, one or many responses also from a single node on a segment.

A node that want to know what servers/services is available on a segment has two options. Either it listens on the multicast announcement channel for heartbeats and capabilities events over a minute or send a probe CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=26, High end server/service probe on the segment to immediately discover servers/services.

Note that Who is there event have different response events for Level I and Level II nodes. A level I node respond with CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=32, Who is there response. A level II node respond with CLASS2.PROTOCOL, Type=32 Level II who is response to this event.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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