Setting up the system on 8Devices Carambola

Setup your system on OpenWrt

General information is here

VSCP & Friends on OpenWrt/Carambola

From version VSCP & Friends compiles and installs on the Carambola board available from 8Devices with web/libwebsocket and all drivers and also other OpenWrt platforms.

The files needed to install is available in the

Install binaries

From version I will try to maintain a binary distribution for OpenWrt. You can find these files at Sourceforge. The binary package builds all drivers so it use a lot of flash but you can remove the drivers you don't need after everything is installed to save space.

The first thing you have to do before installing VSCP itself is to install the libraries it depends on. For your convenience they are added to the binary distribution.

Connect to the board with ssh which must be Internet connected and install as of below

Step 1
    opkg install terminfo_5.7-5_ramips.ipk
    rm terminfo_5.7-5_ramips.ipk
Step 2
    opkg install libncurses_5.7-5_ramips.ipk
    rm libncurses_5.7-5_ramips.ipk
Step 3
    opkg install uclibcxx_0.2.4-1_ramips.ipk
    rm uclibcxx_0.2.4-1_ramips.ipk
Step 4
    opkg install libstdcpp_4.7-linaro-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libstdcpp_4.7-linaro-1_ramips.ipk
Step 5
    opkg install zlib_1.2.7-1_ramips.ipk
    rm zlib_1.2.7-1_ramips.ipk
Step 6
    opkg install libopenssl_1.0.1c-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libopenssl_1.0.1c-1_ramips.ipk
Step 7
    opkg install libexpat_2.0.1-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libexpat_2.0.1-1_ramips.ipk
Step 8
    opkg install libwxbase_2.8.10-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libwxbase_2.8.10-1_ramips.ipk
Step 9
    opkg install libmosquitto-nossl_1.0.3-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libmosquitto-nossl_1.0.3-1_ramips.ipk
Step 10

This one is actually not needed if you will not develop with mosquitto

    opkg install libmosquitto_1.0.3-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libmosquitto_1.0.3-1_ramips.ipk
Step 11
    opkg install libmicrohttpd_0.9.19-1_ramips.ipk
    rm libmicrohttpd_0.9.19-1_ramips.ipk
Step 12
    opkg install vscp_0.4.0.11-Fluorine_ramips.ipk
    rm vscp_0.4.0.11-Fluorine_ramips.ipk
Step 13

After this is done the VSCP daemon should run on your board. If you point your browser to


you should see the internal web pages. Now you can follow the second part of the instructions at Setup your system on Linux to understand your system and maybe install the websocket lib and test pages Websockets guide.

Building from source

src/vscp/daemon/linux/openwrt folder

You need to install some other packages before you install VSCP & Friends.

Step 1

Install the OpenWrt SDK as explained on the 8Devices site.

For carambola 2 clone 


Step 2
    scripts/feeds install uclibcxx
    scripts/feeds install libwxbase
    scripts/feeds install libgnutls-openssl 
    scripts/feeds install libpcap
    scripts/feeds install libmosquitto

Then issue

make menuconfig

and select the packages.

Step 2

When this is written the mosquitto makefile have a bug that does not copy the libraries to the stagedir and make the necessary symlinks so replace the one installed by the one in

src/vscp/daemon/linux/carambola folder

called Makefile.mosquitto

Copy it to

Step 3

The Makefile for VSCP & Friends is available in the


folder. Make a folder in package with

mkdir package/vscp

and copy the makefile


to this folder and change it's name to just Makefile After that issue

make menuconfig

and select vscp in the utilities section.

Step 4

Now issue


and your system would build with VSCP support.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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