unsigned char vscphlp_calcCRC4GUIDArray( unsigned char *pguid )



Array of sixteen bytes containing GUID on MSB→LSB order.

Return Value

8-bit CRC for GUID.


Calculate 8-bit crc for a GUID array.


// Calculate CRC for GID array
unsigned char GUID2[16];
memset( GUID2, 0, 16 );
for ( int i=0;i<16; i++ ) {
    GUID2[i] = i;
unsigned char crc8 = vscphlp_calcCRC4GUIDArray( GUID2 );
printf("CRC = %02X\n", crc8 );

Very Simple Control Protocol
Fri Jan 11 2019 17:30:44 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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