void vscphlp_closeSession( long handle )


Handle for the communication channel obtained from a call to vscphlp_newsession.

Return Value



Close an open session. This is the last operation that should be done after you are done with a TCP/IP session.


This is a simple windows console example that log on to a server that is on the host 192.618.1.9 and standard port 9598 and issue the NOOP command and then terminates. You link to the vscphelper.lib library and make sure the vscphelper.dll is in the path.

#include "vscphelperlib.h"

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    long handle;
    handle = vscphlp_newSession();

    vscphlp_open( handle, 
                 "secret" ); 

    vscphlp_noop( handle );

    vscphlp_close( handle );
    vscphlp_closeSession( handle );

    return 0;

There is no Python sample yet

See Also


Very Simple Control Protocol
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