unsigned unsigned char 
vscphlp_getVSCPheadFromCANALid( const unsigned long id ))



Extended 29-bit CANBUS id to get head from.

Return Value

VSCP head byte.


Get the VSCP head from a CANAL message id. The VSCP head is defined as shown in the vscp.h header file.


unsigned char vscphead;
unsigned long canalid = 0x0c0a0601;
vscphead = vscphlp_getVSCPheadFromCANALid( canalid );
if ( 96 == vscphead ) {  // Priority == 3 Not hard coded
    printf("VSCP head = %d\n", vscphead );
else {
   printf("\aError: vscphlp_getVSCPheadFromCANALid = %d\n", vscphead );

Very Simple Control Protocol
Wed Jul 04 2018 19:49:59 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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