int vscphlp_setAfterCommandSleep( long handle, 
                unsigned short millisecondSleep )
int vscphlp_setAfterCommandSleep( handle, 
                                millisecondSleep )


Handle for the communication channel obtained from a call to vscphlp_newSession.


Timeout given in seconds. Can be set also before the session is open.

Return Value

VSCP_ERROR_SUCCESS is returned on success. VSCP_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE is returned if an invalid handle is given.


This is the sleep time in milliseconds used to wait for the server to reply to a command. If there is not valid response received the thread will sleep for the amount of time set here + 200 milliseconds and then check the queue again for a valid response then sleep again and so on until the time set for the response timeout has elapsed, a valid response or an error response has been received. Default value is 0 milliseconds.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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