Class=206 (0xCE) - Position (GNSS)



Control and interface for the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) (for example GPS) protocols (NMEA, SIRF etc)to VSCP

  • For Angle use CLASS1.MEASUREMENT, Type = 30 (0x1E) Angle

  • For Altitude use CLASS1.MEASUREMENT, Type = 51 (0x33) Altitude.

  • For Speed use CLASS1.MEASUREMENT, Type = 32 (0x20) Speed

  • For Signal Quality use CLASS1.DATA, Type = 5 (0x05) Signal Quality

  • For Time-stamp use CLASS1.MEASUREMENT, Type = 4 (0x04) Time

Typically one NMEA, SIRF etc frame with information needs to be translated to many VSCP events. It is possible to group the events together with

  • CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=46 (0x2E) Start of record

  • CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=47 (0x2F) End of record

if preferred to hold the events together.

Type=0 (0x00) - General event


General Event.

Type=1 (0x01) - Position


Position information as decimal Latitude + Longitude.

Byte Description
0-3 Latitude as floating point value.
4-7 Longitude as floating point value.

Type=2 (0x02) - Satellites


Number of satellites used.

Byte Description
0 Number of satellites used.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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