Class=212 (0xD4) - Wireless



This class of events is used for wireless equipment such as cellular phones etc.

  • For IMEI code use CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type = 37 (0x25) Token Activity.
  • For IMSI code use CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type = 37 (0x25) Token Activity .
  • For Signal Quality use CLASS1.DATA, Type = 5 (0x05) Signal Quality
  • For Time-stamp use CLASS1.MEASUREMENT, Type = 4 (0x04) Time

Type=0 (0x00) - General event


General Event.

Type=1 (0x01) - GSM Cell


Event with ID for the GSM cell. Normally this is a 16-bit value but a 32-bit value is used in VSCP.

Byte Description
0-3 GSM Cell ID.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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