VSCP over IEEE 802.15.4

Preliminary Information. May change in future specifications.

Two protocols are used over 802.15.4, VSCP Droplet protocol av VSCP BumbleBee protocol.

802.15.4 payload usage

The 802.15.4 payload is max 122 bytes. This payload can carry one or more VSCP events. The first byte tell how many events there is in the frame.

Byte Description
0 Number of VSCP events in frame (1-x)
1 Head (see below)
2 VSCP class
3 VSCP type
4 Start of data. Max eight byte. Min 0
4 + datacount + 1 head for next event if any
Definition of head
Bits Description
7,6,5 Priority
4 bit 9 of VSCP class
3,2,1,0 reserved (Set to zero!)

Very Simple Control Protocol
Fri Oct 18 2019 07:14:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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