VSCP Specification history

Date By Description
2019-11-07 AKHE Added CLASS2.PROTOCOL, Type=42, High Level Object
2019-11-01 AKHE Added the measurement extension classes. Added Level III driver internal events.
2019-10-05 AKHE Clarified byte order.
2019-10-15 AKHE Added new events to CLASS1.SECURITY and CLASS1.CONTROL suggested by troky.
2019-10-09 AKHE Added hex to VSCP over serial frames
2019-10-08 AKHE Assigned new GUID
2019-09-25 AKHE Added class1.control, Type=44, VSCP_TYPE_CONTROL_PWM suggested by 'troky'
2019-09-23 AKHE CLASS1.ALARM, Byte 0 changed to original.
2019-08-29 AKHE CLASS1.DATA, Type=5, Signal Strength, new unit = 2 is dBm
2019-08-21 AKHE Added note about JSON/XML packed events and corrected info about XML timestamp.
2019-08-19 AKHE CLASS1.WEATHER/CLASS1.WEATHER_FORECAST Type=52 index/zone/subzone added for consistency
2019-05-27 AKHE Server capabilities code now include 'variables', 'DM' and 'interfaces'. CLASS1024, Type=20 and WCYD command for tcp/ip link.
2019-04-02 AKHE JSON representation for VSCP event corrected.
2018-10-18 AKHE Added CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=80, "Updated"
2018-10-04 AKHE Added CLASS1.ALARM, Type = 12, VSCP_TYPE_ALARM_WATCHDOG. Fixed reported typo.
2018-10-03 AKHE CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=77 Date/time bitfields corrected.
2018-05-18 AKHE Added reserved GUID for groups (16-bits).
2018-04-17 AKHE Added CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=77 which combines date and time in one event.
2018-04-16 AKHE Clarified that time is give in UTC.
2018-03-04 AKHE Max data size for Level II events is changed from 487 to 512 to make things simpler.
2018-02-18 AKHE New raw ethernet frame specified
2018-02-09 AKHE Bit 14 in head is now a flag for a dumb node. A dumb node does not have registers, mdf etc.
2018-02-05 AKHE CLASS1.CONTROL, Type=42, Lock and CLASS1.CONTROL, Type=43, Unlock and CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=75, Lock and CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=76, Unlock
2017-12-07 AKHE Simplified license section.
2017-09-11 AKHE CLASS1.DATA Type=4 units changed.
2017-09-10 AKHE New coding units added for CLASS1.DATA Type=4 - db (decibel), dbuv (decibel microvolts), dbmv (decibel millivolts). Creds: Stuart O'Reilly
2017-07-28 AKHE CLASS1.ALARM now have byte 1 specified as "0=off. 1=on" in first byte.
2017-07-04 AKHE Added event CLASS2.PROOCOL, Type=32, Level II who is there response
2017-07-04 AKHE Clarified CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=16 and fixed typo for CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=25
2017-06-28 AKHE Clarified CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=2 New node online for Level II.
2017-06-14 AKHE UDP and Multicast frames was missing century byte.
2017-05-30 AKHE The Multicast and UDP frames now contain the UTC time block just as the VSCP events do. Encryption codes defined for UDP/Multicast.
2017-01-12 AKHE CLASS1.MEASUREZONE(65) and CLASS1.SETVALUEZONE(85) had wrong description of data content
2016-10-11 AKHE Preliminary info about Setup screens added.
2016-03-23 AKHE Added some more descriptive text to the logging class CLASS1.LOG
2016-03-18 AKHE Added new event CLASS2.VSCPD, New Calculation (30)
2016-02-11 AKHE Added some more info about the string measurement format CLASS2.MEASUREMENT_STR
2016-01-13 AKHE Added JSON event spec. (./level_ii_specifics#json_representation.md) and measurement optional tags
2015-11-18 AKHE Abstraction types listed/defined here
2015-10-23 AKHE Allow for real text name to appear in heat beat data for a Level II node
2015-10-21 AKHE Added CLASS2.INFORMATION, Type=3 (0x03) Proxy heart beat.
2015-10-21 AKHE Added CLASS2.PROTOCOL, Type=20 (0x14) High end server capabilities
2015-10-14 AKHE CLASS1_PROTOCOL, Type=28 High End Server Response have changed capabilities bit values.
2015-09-10 AKHE CLASS1_INFORMATION, Type = 9 (0x09) Node Heartbeat is now mandatory for all Level I nodes. For Level 2 nodes CLASS1_INFORMATION, Type=2 (0x0002) Level II Node Heartbeat is now mandatory.
2015-09-10 AKHE Level II Class=1040 (0x410) Measurement string have unit byte increased to 255 instead of 3.
2015-07-07 AKHE Cleared up define of data byte for CLASS1.DATA. Added CLASS1.DATA, Type=6, Count. KWh is optional unit 1 for energy.
2015-06-26 AKHE Introduces Setup Recipes
2015-06-17 AKHE Extended read now can read 256 registers. Suggested by Stefan Langer. Bursts of events is now sent with lowest priority.
2015-05-22 AKHE Changed meaning for CLASS1.DIAGNOSTIC Type 53 and 64.
2015-05-22 AKHE CLASS1.DIAGNOSTIC and CLASS1.ERROR added. CLASS1.SECURITY, Type=20, Tamper added.
2015-05-21 AKHE Added events CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=59-68 and CLASS1.CONTROL, Type=34-39
2015-05-17 AKHE Clarified the use of id in CLASS1.LOG
2015-04-23 AKHE Register tags and attributes explained.
2015-04-23 AKHE fgcolor and bgcolor can now be set as register attributes.
2015-04-21 AKHE Added register blocks (type/size attributes) to mdf specification.
2015-04-09 AKHE GUID FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:F7:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 series reserved for VSCP & Friends demo code
2015-04-03 AKHE Added information on how to embed HTML inside mdf tags.
2015-03-03 AKHE Added warning about end to end data rate for CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=36 (0x24) Embedded MDF response.
2015-02-24 AKHE It's now possible to have several frames sent as payload inside a serial frame. Also there is a capabilities request/response pair defined to be able to ask capabilities from a device.
2013-10-13 AKHE Class 1026 (0x402) Level II Information, Type=2 Heart Beat added
2014-09-30 AKHE 1.10.12 Public.
2014-09-28 AKHE 1.10.11 Added class CLASS1.WEATHER and CLASS2.WEATHER_FORECAST. Added CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=52, Civil sunrise twilight time and CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=53, Civil sunset twilight time. Removed CLASS1.ONEWIRE, CLASS1.X10, CLASS1.LON, CLASS1.EIB, CLASS1.SNAP, CLASS1.CBUS. Classes will remain reserved so users using them can continue to do so.
2014-09-16 AKHE Added info about TABLE commands to tcp/ip interface documentation. Added info about udp port config settings and changed tcp port settings so they now are correct.
2014-09-15 AKHE Added info about the QUITLOOP command.
2014-09-04 AKHE Described the websocket authentication process.
2014-09-04 AKHE added auth property to websocket setting. Removed port. Now the same port is used both for webserver and or for websockets.
2014-08-29 AKHE Added CLASS1.CONTROL Type=33 (0x21) Big Change level and CLASS1.INFORMATION Type=51 (0x33) Big Level Changed
2014-02-26 AKHE Added info about "authdomin" in configuration files.
2014-08-26 AKHE 1.10.9 Added missing codes for actions.
2014-08-19 AKHE 1.10.8
2014-08-12 AKHE Fixed action substitute table.
2014-08-07 AKHE RS-232 protocol final.
2014-08-04 AKHE VSCPGetStatus method added to the Level II interface. Also introduced the limited Level II driver.
2014-04-16 AKHE Added info about where to find websocket samples and HTML framework.
2014-04-12 AKHE Added missing variable types. Cleared description of tcp/ip protocols. Added some initial info about the bumblebee and the droplet protocols. Started a description of VSCP over MQTT, VSCP REST and VSCP TEXT
2014-04-03 AKHE Added <redirect> tag to mdf.
2014-03-31 AKHE 1.10.4
2014-03-23 AKHE Added CLASS1.MEASUREMENT32 which mimic CLASS1.MEASUREMENT but has a single precision floating point value and the data coding byte as data.
2014-02-28 AKHE Proofreading fixes by Andreas Merkle
2013-11-08 AKHE Added new register 162 that restores default configuration. Version 1.10.0
2013-10-17 AKHE Added info about new action parameter escapes. %event.class.str - Class as textstring %event.type.str - Type as teststring %measurement.float - measurement as a float %measurement.string - meaurements as a string %eventdata.realtext - Try to display event data in a human readable form.
2013-09-04 AKHE Added info about webpage extension in drivers.
2013-07-23 AKHE Added info about mimetypes path in VSCP daemon configuration section.
2013-07-17 AKHE Clarified Loglevel: now 0-8. Can use numeric or textual form.
2013-07-16 AKHE Added info about the thermometer widget.
2013-07-11 AKHE Explained how GUID's are formed for interfaces in the GUID configuration setting for the VSCP daemon.
2013-07-01 AKHE Added info about VSCPBlockingSend and VSCPBlockingReceive additions in the Level II API.
2013-06-27 AKHE Added new section 16 HTML5 websocket - widgets describing the HTML5 websocket widgets.
2013-06-24 AKHE Class=85 (0x55) Set value with zone added. Clarified that string measurement value still represent a numeric value.
2013-06-19 AKHE Missed originating address in RS-485/422 packages added.
2013-05-30 AKHE Added info about MQTT driver.
2013-05-29 AKHE Removed host,port,username and password common variables for level II drivers.
2013-05-28 AKHE rootpath changed to webrootpath in configuration file Examples of configuration added to Level II drivers Info about tcp/ip driver added.
2013-05-27 AKHE 1.9.4
2013-05-27 AKHE lmsensors driver and socketcan driver described.
2013-05-24 AKHE OHAS Section removed. Stepped to 1.9.3
2013-05-13 AKHE Changed Level II Driver interface. "flags" parameter in open method removed.
2013-04-09 AKHE Added device family registers and device type registers.canal and vscp header removed. Stepped version to 1.9.0
2012-09-21 AKHE GUID is now at first position in data for CLASS2.PROTOCOL. Read/write and readwriterespons is affected. CLASS2.PROTOCOL config-events has been removed.
2012-03-27 AKHE Added info about new switches to the VSCP daemon configuration.
2012-03-27 AKHE Frank Sautter fixes made some clarification to the normalized integers removed some spelling errors removed a lot of greengrocers's apostrophes ID, GUID and hex values consistently uppercase * '0\texttimes{}' to '0x' Reversion history moved here
2012-02-22 AKHE Added descriptions of indexed arrays in register space for a module to the mdf xml descriptions.
2012-02-15 AKHE Added two extra bytes to Type = 8 (0x08) Drop nickname-ID / Reset Device. One for delayed statup and one for controlflags. Suggested by Stefan Langer.
2011-04-26 AKHE Added Class=65 (0x41) index,zone,sub-zone measurement.
2011-04-20 AKHE Added type CLASS1.CONTROL Type = 32 (0x20) Set country/language.
2011-02-08 AKHE Added Class=60 (0x3C) Floating point measurement.
2010-06-15 AKHE CLASS =0,Protocol Type = 32 (0x20) Who is there response had a typo where index byte had gone lost. Fixed.
2010-06-15 AKHE Bit 30 in control word for 32-bit DM is obsolete and has been removed. (This is therefore no longer true GUID should be checked (=1) or not checked (=0). Action Param should start with GUID at offset).
2010-02-20 AKHE Added firmware tag to mdf specification.
2009-10-11 AKHE Added node capabilities byte to Class=0, Type = 27 (0x1B) High end server probe.
2009-07-12 AKHE Added deamon internal timer events.
2009-03-06 AKHE Changed recommended voltage level from 9-16V to 9-28V
2009-03-06 AKHE Added some firmware uploader ack/nack events.
2008-10-24 AKHE Added some new tokens. Version stepped to 1.5.6
2008-10-20 AKHE Version stepped to 1.5.5
2008-10-20 AKHE VSCP over MiWi added.
2008-10-20 AKHE CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=40 Get Event interest and CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type=41 Get Event interest response has been added.
2008-10-20 AKHE CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=50, 0x32 Overflow has been added.
2008-08-30 AKHE CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=49, 0x31 Detect has been added.
2008-07-04 AKHE Rearranged the Extended Page read/write events fully.
2008-07-01 AKHE CLASS1.PROTOCOL, Type = 32 (0x20) Who is there response. inserted because it it was previously missed.
2008-06-26 AKHE Added Class=50 (0x32) Alert On LAN and Ethernet low level protocol description.
2008-06-12 AKHE CLASS1.MEASUREMENT, Type=48 removed as it was a duplicate for Type=24
2008-05-17 AKHE The recommended bitrate over CAN is changed from 500 kbps to 125 kbps. o Class=0, Type = 31 (0x1F) Who is there? Is now mandatory. o Class=0, Type = 36 (0x24) Extended Read register. Is now mandatory. o Class=0, Type = 37 (0x25) Extended Read/Write response. Is now mandatory. o Class=0, Type = 38 (0x26) Extended Write Register. Is now mandatory. o Class=0, Type = 39 (0x27) Extended Page Read. Is now mandatory. o Class=0, Type = 40 (0x28) Extended Page Write. Is now mandatory.
2008-04-20 AKHE New common register added ( 153/0x99 ) Number of register pages used.
2007-11-04 AKHE Added wireless class + GPS events.
2007-10-29 AKHE Sunrise/Sunset events added for Class=20 (0x14) Information
2007-05-04 AKHE Changed MDF types to ISO types.
2007-05-03 AKHE Added Bluetooth type to CLASS1.INFORMATION, Type=37 for Bluetooth proximity.
2006-04-24 AKHE Event CLASS1.INFORMATION, Action Trigger (43) has been added.
2005-09-01 AKHE Spec moved to wiki. Version 1.40. Added a switch to the DM control for VSCP Level II that can be used to mark the ending row in the current decision matrix matrix. This can save a lot of time for the EDA parsing especially if the matrix is in external EEPROM.
2005-05-11 AKHE First version of multimedia class added. Better explanation of paged read/write Max buffer size introduced for device. Decision matris format for Level I/Level II fina. Paged DM introduced to save register space. Replaced 32.bit CRC with 16-bit CRC for VSCP bootloader. Clarified CLASS1.PROTOCOL Event “Measurement Request “ added. * Event Chan Level/Relative Change Level added.
2005-02-15 AKHE Fixed typo in CLASS.CONTROL TYPE=9
2005-02-15 AKHE Bootloader support Register No bootloader suppoert = 0xFF instead of 0x00.
2005-02-06 AKHE Many, many changes and fixes. Mostly additions to Level II texts.
2005-01-15 AKHE CAN standard speed changed to 500 kbps.
2004-12-14 AKHE Fixed an error in the data specification format byte definition.
2004-12-05 AKHE English proofreading done. Some new events added for logging.
2004-09-21 AKHE Clarified the UDP package format.
2004-09-21 AKHE index added for data and event class.
2004-09-20 AKHE Bootloade rinfo in XML data.
2004-08-26 AKHE Page Read/Write final.
2004-08-26 AKHE Register assigned for boot loader algorithm.
2004-08-26 AKHE GPS event added.
2004-08-26 AKHE Module description file final.
2004-08-26 AKHE Decision Matrix definition for uP final.
2004-06-21 AKHE Added the database message for the phone class. Page read/write added. 2004-08-26 – Clarified the hard coded bit and the functionality.
2004-06-11 AKHE X10 Message detail added. M.U.M.I.N. class replaced with CBUS class.
2004-06-11 AKHE Dusk and Dawn events added.
2004-06-11 AKHE EDA Decision matrix format for uP added. Also control function to get size and offset to the decision matrix.
2004-06-05 AKHE SYNC and CRC removed from Ethernet packages.
2004-06-01 AKHE The initial reminder for the CCITT checksum was wrong (0x0000 instead of 0xFFFF).
2004-06-01 AKHE Fahrenheit allowed as an optional unit for temperature.
2004-06-01 AKHE Private GUID has been defines that can be used in the same way as and is used on the Internet.
2004-06-01 AKHE For Level II messages the data part must not be larger then 487 bytes (512-25), This was previously 1024 bytes but a total package size of 512 bytes should not be to avoid fragmentation problems.
2004-05-27 AKHE Fixed typo- in appendix A where the reserved GUIDs ranges was wrong.
2004-04-07 AKHE read & write did not have the destination address given. This is now in byte 0.
2004-04-06 AKHE Full address field used 1-254 instead of 1-127. 0x00 is reserved for master. 0xFF is reserved for a node with no nickname assigned.
2004-04-06 AKHE Start for GUID storage should be 0xD0.
2004-04-05 AKHE Fixed typo max 100 meters should be 500 meters.
2004-01-26 AKHE Level 2 introduced. 2004-03-01 — Settled for master less solution.
2004-10-22 AKHE A all lights on/off and a dimmer control type added.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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