VSCP events sent over text links of any kind such as email, SMS or even an uploaded text file over a ftp-link is just standard events with abbreviations where abbreviations are human readable commands and responses that is used instead of GUID's, zones, subzones and events. Typically a user can send an SMS with


and get the read temperature reported back.

The first and most important is the event style.


That is a line started with a number will be interpreted as an event of the above form. A hard way to send command but a method that still can be useful for M2M communication over text links. In the same way a line received over a VSCP text link with a number at the first position should be interpreted as a VSCP event. So in abbreviations one has to make sure that a temperature value response has a space or something in front of the number.

A full description of this functionality will follow.

Very Simple Control Protocol
Fri Oct 18 2019 07:14:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)
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