First of all you need the firmware code. You find it here on github together with a lot of samples. Samples are organized in there respective architecture with a common folder at each level that contains common code for that level.

Two projects of Grodans Paradis AB is maintained as reference projects that is always will be open and kept up to date with the standard. Both are CAN oriented and written for the Microchip PIC processor but are general in there implementation so they can be used as starting points also for wireless or other implementations of a VSCP node.


The firmware files are release under the MIT license so you are free to use them both in free and commercial projects without restrictions.

Reference code

The first reference node is which is a relay control node. Follow the link to get information about it. The code for the node is here at Github.

The second reference node is NTC which is a temperature sensor node. Follow the link to get information about it. The code for the node is here at Github.

You find other code for AVR/ARM etc in the firmware folder. Some old and some new.

The code

The common VSCP node firmware code is vscp_firmware.c and vscp_firmware.h. Together they implement the full functionality of a Level I VSCP node.

If you look in vscp_firmware.c which include files that are needed

#include `<string.h>`

#include `<stdlib.h>`
#include "vscp_class.h"

#include "vscp_type.h"
#include "vscp_firmware.h"

you see the references to vscp_class.h and vscp_type.h. Both of these files come from the VSCP main project but they are duplicated in the vscp_firmware/common folder.

So before you start your project

Very Simple Control Protocol
This document is licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0 and can be freely copied, redistributed, remixed, transformed, built upon as long as you give credits to the author.

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