The Init. button

A VSCP node should have an init. button that when pressed makes the device part of the network it's on. This process called the nickname discovery process is visualized by a status led that is blinking during the init. process and then lights steady when it's finished.

To support this process a routine to handle a button press is therefore needed. In the Paris reference project this code is in two places. In the interrupt routine where it looks like this

// Check for init button
if ( INIT_BUTTON ) {
    vscp_initbtncnt = 0;
else {
    // Active

which just increase the vscp_initbtncnt if the button is pressed and set it to zero if released. Most people recognize this as a typical denounce code for a button.

The action for the button, which is placed in the main loop, that is what happens when it has been pressed for more than 250 milliseconds look like this

if ( ( vscp_initbtncnt > 250 ) &&
          ( VSCP_STATE_INIT != vscp_node_state ) ) {
    // Init button pressed
    vscp_nickname = VSCP_ADDRESS_FREE;

What is happening here is that the nickname of the node is set to the free nickname (0xff) and the EEPROM storage for it is also reseted and then the vscp_init() method is called which started the nickname discovery process.

The check for not being in the VSCP_STATE_INIT state prevent this from happening again an again and again if a user holds the button down.

Very Simple Control Protocol
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