A short introduction

VSCP Works is a toolbox for VSCP developers and advanced users that is available for Linux and Windows. It can be used to update code in in-house nodes and nodes that sit at a location on the other side of the earth. It can be used to view events sent by a node, to configure a node using a high end interface and to simulate a node. New functionality will be added to VSCP Works as needs arise.

There is a three video walkthroughs on Youtube that look at some of the essential parts of VSCP Works

Terms used in this documentation

  • Remote node is often used in this document. A remote node is a node that is connected over tcp/ip and which exports the VSCP tcp/ip link protocol. The most cmmon remote node is the VSCP Daemon but it can be any node exporting the interface.
  • Drivers VSCP Works can use Level I (CANAL) drivers. This type of driver exports the CANAL interface which is a minimum common interface solution in VSCP that also work for very resource limited devices. A Level I (CANAL) driver usually interface hardware directly but can also implement virtual functionality or connect to remote functionality.

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